Amity Crest

Amity Crest

The Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283

Rossendale Forest Crest
Rossendale Forest Crest


Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283....

~~ 2021 ~~
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This year has not starting on a good note as the Coronavirus Covid-19 is still with us. All Masonic activity has been suspended by UGLE, which means that we can no longer meet in our Masonic Halls or anywhere else for that matter, we can only meet virtually through video technology.


26 January 2021: INSTALLATION

The Lodge was unable to meet due to Covid-19. However, a VLM was held by video technology. The Lodge Committee had recommended that the WM and all the Officers should stay in post for the ensuing year as they could not perform their duties for the most part of last year, this was approved at the VLM in December 2020. It was also approved that Bro Vincent Frain should advance to Inner Guard and that WBro Stuart Rayton PProvGSwdB should take up the office of Senior Deacon.

Worshipful Master
WBro Dennis Heskett PProvDepGDC


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