Bogdan Manoliu before his Initiation
The Covid-19 pandemic delayed him joining

The Initiation of Bro Bogdan Manoliu

Bro Manoliu with everyone attending the Lodge this evening


With Face Masks
WBro Ray Godwin ProvGStwd, IPM - Bro Bogdan - WBro Michael Rosney PProvSGD

The Festive Board

The festive board was set out with round tables rather than the traditional top table and sprigs to try and maintain covid social distancing.


Festive Board
WBro Steve Barton - WBro Dave McGurty (District Chairman) - WBro Ray Godwin (IPM)
WBro Michael Rosney (DC)


Festive Board
Bro Bogdan Manoliu - WBro Alan Fielder (Mentor & JD)


Festive Board
WBro Andy Shaw - WBro Donald Bright


Festive Board
Bro Peter Farrow (Stwd) - Bro Will Atkinson (JW)


Festive Board
Visitors WBro Andrew Ashton - Bro Gary Caulfield


Festive Board
Visitors Bro Gary Caulfield - Bro Ian Ainsworth


Bro Ken Lee (SW) - WBro Greg Casson (Tyler) - WBro Bruce Pollard (Visitor)


WBro Ian Johnson (Visitor) - Bro Ken Lee (SW)


WBro David Bury (Grandfather of the Lodge) - WBro Gordon Cornthwaite (Visitor)


Bro Peter Moore (acting IG) - WBro Ian Haworth (Chaplain)


WBro Gordon Cornthwaite (Visitor) - WBro Derek Smith (Almoner)


The Mill House Events Venue Girls






WBro Alan Fielder proposing the toast to Bro Manoliu and Bro Manoliu responding to that toast.



Watching the personal message video from WBro Florian Birlea the Deputy Grand Secretary of the National Grand Lodge of Romania



WBro Florian Birlea's personal message to Bro Bogdan Manoliu and the Lodge [please allow a little time for it to load]