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The Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283

Rossendale Forest Crest
Rossendale Forest Crest


A tale of Two Lodges
History Part 3

Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283....

Two Lodges, the Lodge of Amity No.283 and Rossendale Forest Lodge No.4138 combined in 2012 to form one great Lodge for the future.... dedicated to carrying on the good works of Freemasonry and became the Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283 in January 2012.[ Past Masters of the New Lodge ]. The obvious choice was to combine the Lodge names but to keep the number 283 as this is a very old number, first issued in 1755 to the Lodge of Friendship, Norfolk.

~~ 2012 ~~
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January being the first meeting of the new amalgamated Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283, was also the Installation meeting. WBro Russell Harwood was installed as the first Worshipful Master of the amalgamated Lodge. WBro Harwood had also been the last Master of the Lodge of Amity No.283, and W.Bro. David T Bury PProvGSuptWks was invested as IPM, being the last Master of Rossendale Forest Lodge No.4138. The Lodge has integrated Officers and members from both Lodges and is now in good health having 38 members and 1 honorary member at the Installation meeting.


February The Assistant Provincial Grand Master WBro Martin Roche PGJD made an unofficial visit to the Lodge at our February meeting which was a lecture entitled 'The Place and Role of the Master in the Lodge' by WBro. Rev'd Neville Barker Cryer PGChap; read by WBro. D Heskett PProvSGD.


April saw the first initiate into the Lodge; Raymond Peter Godwin. The ceremony was worked by WBro Donald Bright PProvGSuptWks and assisted by the Officers of the Lodge. At the same meeting WBro. Stuart Rayton PProvGSuptWks was invested by the WM as the first Mentor of the Lodge, the office now being officially recognised by UGLE with a Collar Jewel approved; a pair of Chisels in Saltire.



May Whilst the two Lodges amalgamated in December 2011 and the first meeting of the amalgamated lodge was in January 2012, the Amalgamation Ceremony could not be carried out by the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire until May of the same year due to previous commitments.

However, the ceremony was performed on the 1st May by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro. Derek Nelson Thornhill PGSwdB and the Provincial delegation. The photo to the right shows the DPGM presenting the Certificate of Amalgamation to WBro. Russell Harwood.

The evening was a great success with everyone enjoying the ceremony; a ceremony that is not seen than much, and the camaraderie at the Festive Board after the meeting.



Amalgamation meeting
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The Lodge held two meetings in May; the first being the amalgamation meeting and the second on the 29th May was the Bible Fall Dedication meeting.
The ceremony was carried out by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro. Martin Roche SGD and the Provincial delegation.

The Bible Fall was a present to the new Lodge from Rossendale Forest Lodge No.4138. The Bible Fall was perambulated by the most junior member of RFL, Bro. Andrew Coulton and was presented by the most senior Past Master and last WM of RFL, WBro. David Bury PProvGSuptWks.


Bible Fall meeting
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The photo to the right shows from left to right: Bro. Andrew Coulton (FC), WBro. Dennis Heskett PProvSGD (standing in for the WM), WBro. Martin Roche SGD APGM and WBro. David Bury PProvGSuptWks.


25th Sept 2012: Bro. Andrew Steven Coulton was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason in an exemplary manner by the Worshipful Master, Bro. Russell Harwood, ably supported and assisted by the Officers of the Lodge.

Bro. Coulton was initiated into Rossendale Forest Lodge No.4138 on 23rd May 2011,
Passed to the Degree of a FC in the Lodge of Amity No.283 on 1st November 2011,
Raised to the Degree of a MM in the Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283, surely a unique situation; each Degree in a different Lodge.


23 Oct 2012: Bro Coulton received the Traditional History and an explanation of the 3rd Degree Tracing Board from W.Bro Steven Barton PProvSGW. The charge after Raising was given by the Worshipful Master and the test questions and answers of a Master Mason were demonstrated by the WM and his Wardens.


Bro Andrew Coulton
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27th November 2012: The main event of the evening was a lecture entitled 'The Building of King Solomon's Temple', This was presented by two Brethren from Cleveleys Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.1176 in a very able manner. A one-thirtieth scale model of the Temple was erected during the lecture and each step of its construction was explained in both Masonic and Biblical terms with readings from the Old Testament. The lecture was very illuminating and instructive and all the 62 Brethren present felt that they have made a further advancement in Masonic knowledge. The Worshipful Master gave a vote of thanks and the Brethren responded in the usual Masonic manner.
The Secretary advised that Bro. C Elliot had resigned his membership of the Lodge due to work and family commitments.


King Solomon's Temple


13th December 2012: The meeting opened with the Secretary reading the dispensation allowing the meeting to be held on the 13th December instead of the 25th December.
Bro. Barry Thompson SW was elected as Master Elect of the Lodge for the ensuing Masonic year. W.Bro. Andy Shaw PProvAGDC was elected Treasurer for the ensuing Masonic year.
A Ballot was taken which proved in favour of W.Bro. Edward Marshall PProvAGSuptWks; becoming an Honorary Member of the Lodge.
W.Bro Gary Heys resigned from the Lodge due to family commitments.
The Festive Board held after the meeting was very well attended by Brethren, Ladies, non-Masons and Widows of the Lodge. Entertainment was provided by a member of the Lodge; Bro. Raymond Peter Godwin and Mr. Hutchinson.
~~ A excellent evening ~~


Christmas Party 2012
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