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The Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283

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Rossendale Forest Crest


Meet some of our members & discover why they became Freemasons!



Pre-dinner drinks in the Lounge Bar
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"Freemasonry means different things to each of those who join. For some, it's about making new friends and acquaintances. For others it's about being able to help deserving causes - making a contribution to family and for society. But for most, it is an enjoyable hobby".

Becoming a Freemason means you'll be joining more than 200,000 like minded members.

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The Lodge periodically organises special social events to be enjoyed by members, family and friends. View some of the events from previous years

These events have included:

Currently all Social activity has been suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Our Lodge has a wide cross-section of society and our members have varied occupations and interests.


Occupational backgrounds

Charity Organisations
Directors / Management
Education / Training
Financial servicers

Leisure Industry
Military background
Telecoms Technology

Interests and Hobbies

Car enthusiasts
DIY enthusiasts
Marathon Running

Music / Entertainment
Outdoor pursuits
Pets / Animals
Scuba Diving

'283' Bikers

If you are a Biker and would like to join the 283 Bikers on their adventures, please contact Russell or Michael.

'283' Sea Anglers (a fisherman's tale)

WBro Shaw is organising a four day-three nights Fishing trip in October to Oban, Scotland. If you are interested, please contact Andy.


Involvement in the Theatre and Music

In his spare time WBro Ray Godwin is involved in the theatre and singing with the band Rubicon.
Here he is on stage in the musicals Phantom of the Opera and Jesus Christ Superstar.
Ray is the singer with Rubicon and Bro John Hutchison, a past member of 283 is the Drummer.

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Phantom of the Opera
Jesus Christ Superstar


Meet some of our members,
from a new Mason to one of our quinquagenarian Masons and a sexagenarian Mason


Pauline and myself on holiday

WBro Steve Barton


Originally from Manchester, I moved to Rossendale in 1974 when I started work in Blackburn. Rossendale was an ideal location being midway between family and work, and the M66 was being planned which would make for easy commuting.
I married Pauline in 1971, and we have a son and daughter, five grandchildren and one great grandson.

My occupational background is in the Financial sector. I started my career in the insurance business in 1967 at Guardian Insurance in Manchester before moving to Friends Provident Life in November 1971. I have been an Independent Financial Adviser since 1974, first of all in Blackburn as part of an accountancy practice and then from 1979 on my own account. We now have my son as a business partner, daughter as administrator and 4 other staff.

In order to meet new people socially, I was encouraged to join Rossendale Round Table. That fit perfectly, as I wanted to meet socially in what was regarded as a good family association and it also did charitable works - mainly hands on rather than giving money.

I enjoyed my years in the Round Table, and progressed to be Chairman in 1980 and got involved in the District offices. However, things changed by the mid-80s and the Round Table ethos changed to be more of a drinking club which did not suit me or my family. .

Interests / Leisure pursuits....

Other than my Freemasonry, my main hobbies are travel (very often combined with Scuba diving) and caravanning. I am a philatelist and have collected GB stamps for over 65 years!

Why I became a Freemason....

I had met several people through Round Table who recommended I look at either Rotary or Freemasonry as an alternative, but also suggested that although I worked in Blackburn, I should join where I lived. One of those who suggested this was Norman Ashworth (a Rawtenstall Freemason) who I later found out was a past District Chairman! Another was a very good friend from Burnley - Harvey Capstick

I was introduced to a couple of Haslingden residents who were Freemasons and was duly introduced to a large and daunting interview committee - Rossendale Forest. Having been accepted, it turned out that the Lodge had a waiting list and when I was initiated there were 4 or 5 fairly new members all of an age similar to me. As a caravanner, I was also pleased that there were weekends away including the family, and there were regular social events that were inclusive.

Other than being encouraged/told that I had to learn some ritual, the Lodge DC at that time (John Ingham) gave me two pieces to learn that I would find useful in the future. The charge after initiation and later the Third Degree Tracing Board. The latter has proved very useful as it is now part of compulsory ceremonial - forward thinking by John!

Over the years, I have been able to give time to charitable work as well as donations. As I mentioned earlier, giving time to charitable works and the social part of Freemasonry were my reasons for joining. We are fortunate in East Lancs to have our own Charity - ELMC, and I had served on its benevolence committee for over 12 years. I also served as a District Festival Rep (thankyou Norman Nash).

Through the social part of Freemasonry, I have enjoyed the visiting and making new friends. That led to becoming a district officer which I thoroughly enjoyed for over 14 years. From District Festival Rep, District Secretary, District Deputy Chairman in Rossendale and then District Deputy Chairman and Chairman in Bury. I am also a member and Secretary of Grant's Lodge No.8825 meeting at Ashday Lea, Rawtenstall.

I have received several promotions in the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire with my final rank being Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden (PProvSGW) before receiving my UGLE honours in 2017 as Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies (PAGDC).
(Webmaster's footnote: Only the third in the Lodge's history to receive UGLE honours, the other two being WBro Frank S Senior, PAGStdB [283] and WBro John Ingham, PAGSwdB [4138]).

Although I have now retired from District duties, I will still carry on visiting throughout the areas. I have made many new friends in Freemasonry and can greatly recommend visiting to everybody.

Steve Barton

Taking a breather from Squaring the Ashlars
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Caravanning by the river Rhine.

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Caravanning with my wife Jean

WBro Donald Bright


of age and live in Clayton le Moors.

I have been happily married to my wife Jean for over 61 years. We have two daughters, three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. I was the eldest of five sons but only three are still alive. One of my brothers was a Freemason in a Lodge in Rawtenstall but unfortunately, he got killed in a road accident.

Occupational background ... I served my apprenticeship as a Fitter/Turner with the CEGB working at different Power Stations. On completing my apprenticeship and after several deferments I was called up for National Service in the RAF; just one week after we were married! On completing my service, I joined the family garage firm as a brother had died from Leukaemia and I was talked into the Motor trade and I was there until the garage was sold in 1973. Since then, I continued to work in several garages throughout the North West as Service Manager. However, following a serious RTC which left my wife disabled I moved closer to home and worked at GEC for a number of years finishing as Transport Manager. I left GEC as it was closing and moved to Training 2000 where I was an Instructor/Examiner for Mechanical Handling Equipment also a Lecturer on Health and Safety matters.

Interests / Leisure pursuits....

I retired from Training 2000. We now enjoy going away as much as we can in our Caravan, a most pleasurable leisure pursuit which we have been doing for over 52 yrs.

Why I became a Freemason....

I joined Freemasonry in the early 70's. Joining the Lodge of Amity No.283, during which time I have served all the offices except Treasurer and I was Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1984 and 2000. I was proud to be the Director of Ceremonies for a number of years.

I became a Mason because a lot of people I knew were members and I felt that this was something I wanted to be part of; a choice I have never regretted.

I am a Past Officer of the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire.

During my Masonic career, I have met a lot of people and made some good friends. The Ceremonies and Ritual are enjoyable but there is also a good Charitable and Social side to Freemasonry.

Donald Bright

One Man and his Dog 'Grouse'

† In Memoriam Bro Vincent (Vinny) Frain †
Died 26 June 2021 - Rest in Peace
"He was a great guy and a true Freemason"


I am years of age and live in Todmorden. I am single but have a great Springer called 'Grouse' to keep me company. She takes up a fair bit of my time out trudging the county!

Like everyone else, my life and career have been a series of ups and downs. I have worked in all sorts of places doing all sorts of things and have even managed to acquire a Business Degree and some others along the way. Sadly, for me though, I had to give it all up at 30 with the onset of a serious illness that required life-changing surgery to pull me through.

Occupational background ... Civil Servant. After several long years where it seemed that everyone was getting on with their lives apart from me, I eventually made it back to work (albeit part-time) with the Civil Service. Until recently I have been working with some of the poorest and most dis-advantaged people helping them to get back on their feet or sometimes just getting them fed and housed with some money in their pockets. It has been a real eye-opener.

Interests / Leisure pursuits....

Apart from my interest in Freemasonry and walking my dog. I like all sports, I used to play a few sports but not anymore - just watch them now, I am also a session ticket holder at United. I am a keen amateur astronomer and a bit of a book worm, mainly US crime fiction. I enjoyed travelling when I was younger and I think of all the places I have visited Berlin is my favourite.

Why I became a Freemason....

It seems that it was a series of happy coincidences, for someone like me who knew nothing about Masonry until a friend invited me to an open day at his Lodge one Sunday. I became fascinated as to how the local Freemasons had helped the community over the years whether it be by raising funds through their charitable work, volunteering time, or with aiding the construction of some of the more distinctive buildings and monuments that pepper the landscape of East Lancashire and are marked with our symbols.

I did not see my friend for a good while after that, but one afternoon (again by coincidence) I was talking to an old man in the park whilst walking my dog. He seemed distracted by the fact that his car had gone into what turned out to be my friends shop for maintenance. I told him not to worry as he was my friend and it would be Okay.

I saw the man again a few days later, he was beaming about his car being fixed. He said, "I told Alan I knew you, and he said you should call in". And that is just what I did. Alan told me that he had joined a new (Old) Lodge and that they were having a meeting with a meal afterwards. It was the last one before they stopped for the summer break. So, I went along, just for the meal, and had a great night. Everyone was nice and did their best to make me, a total stranger feel welcome. I knew it was right for me to ask about joining. The process did take a while, it always does, but I joined the Lodge in 2018 and here I am now about years in and on my voyage of discovery through the various offices that may eventually lead to me becoming the Master of the Lodge for a year.

Masonry has been a great hobby for me and came along just at the right time in my life, but I realise that it may not be for everyone. It will not make you richer (we have a Charity Steward who will make sure of that {Sorry Dennis!}). It will not get you any further in society other than where you are or give you any special access. But what it gave me was the little bit of extra confidence to do things that I thought I could never or would never be able to do again. And in the company of good friends. And the old man? Final coincidence! He is a Mason too. He came with me to the Lodge one evening and we both had a great time in enjoyable company!

Vinny Frain

Bogdan Manoliu



Webmaster's note:
Bogdan is one of our Candidates and was due to be initiated during 2020, of course this didn't happen as the Covid-19 pandemic closed down our Masonic Hall and Lodge meetings. However, he still wishes to become a member of the Lodge keeping in regular contact with the membership via our online Coffee Shop meetings. He is already helping to raise funds for Charity by participating in the Lodge weekly Bonus Ball scheme.

Why I want to become a Freemason.....

I am originally from Bucharest, Romania but I am currently residing and working in Todmorden where I met and got to know several of the Lodge members.

My Parents gave me a good education based on sound principles and values. An education that I have enriched with my own thoughts and experiences, so I have got a pretty strong base to build on. I think that joining a Masonic Lodge will enable me to grow, expand and develop a better me.

I was pleased and excited to be offered the opportunity to attend a "White Table Event" in 2019 which I enjoyed immensely, where I also met some of the Lodge members and breathed in some of that Masonic atmosphere. It made me feel surrounded by like minded people. As I said then 'Normal, yet extraordinary people'.

I am really looking forward to my Initiation as soon as circumstances permit.

Bogdan Manoliu

Bogdan was initiated into the Lodge on the 14th September 2021 - congratulations to Bogdan.

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Clare and myself on a visit to the Amalfi Coast, Province of Salerno, Italy


On the piste

Après ski

It'll be ready soon!

Bro Peter Moore


and have always lived in Oswaldtwistle, apart from a spell of three-months living in Rishton. The saying is once a Gobbiner always a Gobbiner. [ Click here for explanation. ]

I have been married to Susan Elizabeth Clare Cowperthwaite for tying the knot in August 1993 at Trinity Church, Clitheroe and we have a daughter, son and grandson.

Occupational background ... or should I say some of the happiest days of my life.

I began my career in 1967 at the tender age of 15 as an Indentured Apprentice Heating and Ventilation Engineer, serving 5 years learning my trade; culminating in being a timed served H&V Engineer with experience in Gas and Metal Arc Welding. My career progressed through various stages from H&V Design Assistant Manager, Service Manager, to Retail Store Management all spanning approximately 18 year with a Blackburn based company, Mercer and Sons.

In 1985 I moved to a local Brewer, Matthew Brown, to expand my core skill in heating and ventilation, designing mechanical services for Public Houses and Restaurants. Following a takeover by Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, I moved across to the building department of 'S&N Pub Enterprises' where I diversified to Building Maintenance and Project Management. Cumulating in a Board appointment with group responsibilities for Building Maintenance, Refurbishments and Director with responsibilities for Health & Safety.

After 24 years' service and a great deal of travelling throughout the country, I took early retirement in 2009 in order to spend more time with my family and pursue a more leisurely lifestyle, enjoying a short period of time caravanning.

Interests / Leisure pursuits....

Being with family and friends, Walking, Dancing (Ballroom and Latin), Cycling, Skiing, Cruising (Cruise Liners that is), Cooking and DIY projects.

Why I became a Freemason....

From an early age both my parents taught me the importance of truth, honour and virtue and so much more. So, when the time came for me to give something back to society, it unsurprisingly followed that I would follow in my father's Masonic footsteps.

I was Initiated as a Lewis on the 14 September 1978 into St Aidan Lodge No 6339 who met at Clayton-le-Moors Freemasons' Hall, Mill House. The Ceremony was performed by my father WBro Stephen Moore, an immensely proud moment for us both. My father was a Past Officer (PProvDepGSwdB) of the PGLEL

I was Passed to the Second-degree on the 19 February 1979 and Raised to the Third-degree on the 21 May 1979.

However, I resigned from the Lodge in 1991 due to family commitments. By then I had progressed through all offices up to and including Junior Warden and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoying every moment.

After 24 years away from Freemasonry and following my retirement, I became a joining member of the Lodge of Amity & Rossendale Forest No.283 in January 2015. My proposer was WBro Derek Smith and I was seconded by WBro Stuart Rayton, and after the 24 years absenteeism I must say it is good to be back, I was made to feel most welcome, just like I'd never been away!

Peter Moore

My 1961 Burns Vibra-Artiste

Me aged about 14 with my first guitar, a green and black one. Note the 50's hairstyle, the white jacket and tie with a black shirt, well you had to look the part!

Our first car as a married couple - MK3 Spitfire in Valencia blue with a white hood (rare) and a hard top for the winter months. [Click image to enlarge]


Family holiday in LaRochelle with Derek and Margaret Smith [Click image to enlarge]


Caravanning near York
[Click image to enlarge]

40 years a Freemason -18 November 2021

WBro Stuart Rayton


a widower, I was married to Sheila Marie for 54 years and we have two daughters, Leesa and Lindsey both with homes of their own now. I have an older brother who was an educationalist but he is not a Freemason.

My occupational background is Engineering. I completed my Apprentice as a Toolroom Turner and Tool Maker with a Mining Equipment Company, then worked in the Drawing Office as a Jig and Tool designer advancing after a few years to Engineering Projects Manager in charge of the Drawing Office and special projects manufacture, before starting my own Engineering Design Consultancy 'design plus' in 1979. The next 23 years were spent in consulting on the design and construction of special purpose machinery and equipment for various industries such as Mining/Quarrying, Textiles, Web and materials handling, Medical equipment, Lifting equipment, Press Tool handling, Automotive Tooling, Technical Writing and Graphics reproduction equipment.

I have been a Member of several Professional bodies, the Institution of Production Engineers (MIProdE), the Institution of Plant Engineers (GradMIPlantE), the Institution of Engineering Designers (AIED) and the Institution of Electrical Engineers (MIEE). On completion of my academic training I qualified as a Chartered Engineer (C.Eng) in 1973 and I am still a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET), formally the Institution of Electrical Engineers, and have sat on several Chartered Engineers interview boards at the IEE, London and I have Mentored several prospective Chartered Engineer applicants for registration. My engineering career has encompassed the disciplines of Manufacturing, Mechanical, Electrical and Structural.

My last career move was into Engineering Technical Sales with a company manufacturing machines and equipment for the Wallpaper and Automotive industries, however, I retired in 2013 after an interesting career in Engineering, Design, Consultancy and Technical Sales.

Interests / Leisure pursuits....

As you can probably tell by now, one of my interests is music and playing the guitar. Initially, I started 'jamming' with a few of the local lads where I lived. We soon formed ourselves into a skiffle group with two guitars, a homemade tea chest bass, a washboard and a singer and started playing at Church Youth Clubs just for the fun of it.

Over the years I have played with several groups playing Country and Western, Pop and Instrumentals of the 1960's at Pubs and Clubs in the area including Burnley Mechanics Institute. I was lead guitar with 'The Apaches'; we were the resident group every Friday (youth night in the concert room) at the Low Moor Club, Clitheroe. Some good years to look back on, but now, I just play my Burns and Fender Stratacoustic purely for my own amusement!

One of my other passions is or was caravanning. We progressed from camping to caravanning in 1973 and have had some great family holidays and also with friends caravanning in France, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland as well as touring the UK.

In my younger days I was a Cub Scout and then transferred to the Sea Cadets. I was also a keen cyclist doing measured mile time trials during the week and 100 miles tours on a Sunday, I was never amazingly fast, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and it kept me reasonably fit. Nowadays, I enjoy the more easy-going pursuits of Cooking, DIY projects, Gardening (to some extent) and playing around with computers.

Why I became a Freemason....

Well, initially I suppose it was curiosity that got me interested in joining. However, it wasn't until after being invited to attend several Ladies Evenings and Lodge Socials with Sheila, that I began to realise that the Freemasons I met had values and charitable tendencies similar to my own, you might say people that I wished to be associated with. So, I joined Freemasonry knowing absolutely nothing about the Craft, the first time that I'd ever seen Masonic Regalia was on the night of my initiation.

being initiated into Rossendale Forest Lodge No.4138 in Haslingden in November 1981 by my proposer Bro Derek Smith, who was at that time the WM.

I was rather thrown in at the deep end at the start of my Masonic career, when our Lodge Secretary WBro James Hayhurst PProvSGW died suddenly and I was told "You are now acting Secretary until the next Installation meeting", which was nine months away. I was petrified as I had only been a Mason for two years and still a Steward, but I thought I can only try my best, I survived, it did however give me an invaluable insight and understanding of what actually goes on behind the scenes in a Masonic Lodge. After the Installation I was Assistant Secretary for a further two years.

I became the Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1989 and subsequently held the offices of Assistant Director of Ceremonies, Director of Ceremonies and Lodge Mentor, performing the duties of each office for several years.

During my progress through the 'floor offices', I became fascinated with the various styles of regalia in Craft Freemasonry. So, I began to research the design and symbolism of the Craft Apron. In 1989 I presented my illustrated lecture to the Lodge for the first time. It was well received and subsequently I was invited to give the lecture 30 times in 26 Lodges in 3 Masonic Provinces between the years 1990 to 2005.

I was also a joining member of the Lodge of Amity No.283 in 2011 and subsequently became a member of the Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283 when the two Lodges amalgamated in 2012 and became the first Mentor of the amalgamated Lodge.

I am a Past Officer of the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire.
My first appointment was to Past Provincial Deputy Grand Superintendant of Works in 1996.
In 2006 I was promoted to Past Provincial Grand Superintendant of Works.
In 2015 I was promoted to Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer.

I am also the Technical Director of Clayton le Moors Freemasons' Hall and a member of the executive.

Freemasonry has been, and still is an enduring and enjoyable experience, I enjoy the camaraderie, Ritual, the formal Lodge meetings as well as the joviality and laughter outside of the Lodge Room at the festive board. Freemasonry expands your social horizons as you make new friends within the Lodge and within other Lodges when visiting and attending their social events, an ever-expanding network of friends. There is a saying in Freemasonry which is equally true in life 'that you only get out of it, what you are prepared to put into it'. Get involved!

But to experience the camaraderie and enjoyment for yourself and your family, you should initially contact our Lodge for details on 'How to become a Freemason'.

Stuart Rayton

A 50 Years Mason (September 2020)

Caravanning near York
[Click image to enlarge]


My 1989 BMW 3 Series Cabriolet
[Click image to enlarge]


WBro Derek H Smith


a widower, I was married to Margaret Woods for 49 years, she sadly passed away in 2012, we have two daughters Julie and Helen, three grandchildren and one great-grandson.

My occupational background is quite interesting. I left school at 15 and following in my father's footsteps started work at a local engineering company, but, after two years decided it was not for me as I had always seen myself as a motor mechanic. So off I went to the Job Centre, unfortunately there were no garages taking on apprentices, but they offered me a job as apprentice carpet fitter at a local shop, which I reluctantly accepted.

After serving my apprenticeship I joined a flooring company in Haslingden until 1988 when I decided to go it alone and started my own company 'Iceglade Contracts Ltd'. I continued supplying and installing various floorcoverings to local Breweries, Hotel Groups and Holiday Time Share Companies who had many sites in the UK, Europe and the Canary Islands. I think the highlight of my career was installing the carpet in the Supper Room adjacent to the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace.

Looking back, I don't think I could have chosen a career which would have given me more enjoyment and satisfaction.

Interests / Leisure pursuits....

At the age of 14 I joined the Church Lads Brigade band in Accrington as a drummer, 4 years later I moved up a notch and joined Accrington Saint John's Ambulance Pipe Band (which is one of the oldest civilian Pipe Bands still in existence).

Not content with one drum I bought myself a full kit and joined a local skiffle group The Rockets, and as time and music moved on, I played with various groups in the rock 'n' roll era before hanging up my drum sticks in 1975.

Most of my leisure time was spent towing my caravan around the UK and Europe with family and friends.

Another of my interests is Classic Cars and I do like going to the rallies, both viewing and exhibiting my 1989 BMW 3 Series Cabriolet, during the summer months.

Why I became a Freemason....

being initiated into Rossendale Forest Lodge No.4138 in Haslingden in September 1970 and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Not having any family connections with Freemasonry but knowing men that were Freemasons; I started asking the question "what is Freemasonry all about"? The answer was to raise money for charity, and its members are to have strict morals and sound judgment, that convinced me to become a Mason.

I was WM of Rossendale Forest Lodge 4138 in 1981 and WM of the Lodge of Amity & Rossendale Forest 283 in 2016

I have been Almoner of the Lodge since 2015 looking after the wellbeing of our widows and sick Brethren. I am also a Past Officer of the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire with the current rank of Past Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.

I am also the Chairman and Managing Director of Clayton le Moors Freemasons' Hall.

Derek Smith


A 60 Years Mason (May 2020)


David, the Bank Manager of the TSB in Haslingden in the early 1960's
(Click on image to enlarge)

WBro David Thomas Bury - the "Grandfather" of the Lodge - a Mason for


Hello, I am a widower and live in Great Harwood.

I was educated at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Blackburn.
When I left school, I worked at Stott's Foundry in Haslingden, then I joined the Treasures Office at Accrington Borough Council. From there I did my National Service in the RAF and was posted to Germany for two years, which was great because I also speak French and German and thoroughly enjoyed chatting with the locals.

Following my National Service, I returned to the Treasurer's Office but was given the job of Rent Collecting, not a job I relished. So, I applied to join the TSB Bank, passed my examine and eventually became a Manager at branches in Haslingden, Blackburn and Oswaldtwistle. I was with the TSB Banking Group until I retired.

I married my wife Betty in 1959 and we have two sons, unfortunatly neither of them is interested in following the family tradition of becoming Freemasons

Interests / Leisure pursuits....

We were keen caravaners, caravanning all over England, Scotland, Wales and Europe. We loved touring in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it gave me a chance to practice my language skills. We visited Australia twice and also twice to the USA, preferred the East Coast to the West. I continued to caravan for a few years after Betty's death, but it just was not the same.

Why I became a Freemason....

My father Tom Bury was a member of Rossendale Forest Lodge No.4138 and when he went through the chair in 1959-60, he asked my brother Ronald and myself if we would like to join Masonry and Rossendale Forest lodge. He explained what Masonry was all about, and my mother backed him up. Well, we could not dare to refuse. Ronnie being older than me, was initiated first. Dad bought our regalia and initiated, passed and raised us both. He was delighted to do it and like a dog with two tails.

Since then, we both enjoyed our membership and the fellowship of Masonry.

Ronnie was Master of the Lodge in 1976 and I followed him to the Chair in 1977. Sadly, Ronnie died some time ago, however, his wife Ann is still alive and living in Nelson. My wife Betty died some time ago and I met up with another lady through Scottish dancing. Unfortunately, Lorna died a few years ago. I cannot remember if she attended any of our socials, I think she may have**. I have regularly attended Lodge at the Masonic Hall and I was the last Master of 4138 before the amalgamation and the first Past Master of the new amalgamated Lodge. I still enjoy attending Lodge meetings whenever I can but, unfortunately the 'Covid' pandemic has stopped that for the moment. I have not joined the "Zoom" meetings as I do not know how to "Clock In" and no-one can come round to show me. If and when the current situation with 'covid' relaxes and if I am healthy enough, I will be able to re-join the meetings at the Masonic Hall.

Looking forward to that!

**(Webmaster's note: Yes David, she did)

David T Bury



If you are interested in joining Freemasonry in Clayton-le-Moors and would like to speak to one of our members, we would be more than happy to make arrangements to meet with you. The first thing to do is to send us a confidential email with your contact details and a short message so that we can organise a meeting and talk things through with you. All of us at the Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283 would be very pleased to help you in making the decision to join us. There is no pressure on you to join us and we would like you to take the time to meet other members of our Lodge, possibly joining us at our Festive Boards (after meeting dinners) and our Socials with wives, partners and friends to see for yourself what Freemasonry has to offer and whether it is for you.

* Contact us now *



But what about your wife / partner?

She may be interested in Freemasonry also, she can become involved in Freemasonry,
by involving herself in the Lodge Social events and/or joining the Lodge Ladies committee.

Or by joining a Lodge for Women by contacting one of the two Women's Grand Lodges.


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