'283' goes Sea Angling in January 2022 in Morecambe Bay (another fisherman's tale)
WBro's Andy Shaw and Ray Godwin somewhere in Morecambe Bay 16 January 2022

Ready for off

Ray and Andy - Chilly but not too windy thankfully
Whiting, they caught lots of these. The Cod they were after managed to elude them, apparently the waters might not be cold enough!
The sunset over Ireland created an orb, it's NOT a luminous cold sore!
Dogfish to Ray, but fishmongers call these pretty little sharks Rock Salmon.


Dab. Lots of these little flat fish around the shallow sandy seabed. Ray didn't think that they had fished any deeper than 40 feet today, on the last trip which was north of here and off the Scottish town of Oban, the sea bed was rocky and in parts 500 feet deep.

Andy and Mike setting up. The skipper had a gas fire in his cabin that kept him warm all day (no fool that skipper).

Sunset on the port side.It's not a cool head-torch there that Andy is wearing, rather it's another one of those luminous orbs caused by the sun's dwindling beams at eye level.
After watching the sun rise then eventually set in its low winter arc, all aboard were treated to a beautiful moon rise. The air fell still leaving no sound other than the gentle lapping of waves on the hull. The dusk produced sublime moments as the fading light scrambled between frequencies as day gave way to night. She's not a true full moon until tomorrow, nonetheless the current follows her heave as the waters track her steady course across the heavens.
Astern, the moon over the water ignites a vapour trail.