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The Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283

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Programme of events for the Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283 for this Masonic Year
~~ Please re-visit this page on a regular basis as this programme may be subject to change ~~

Lodge Programme for 2022
Unless otherwise stated the Lodge will Tyle at 19:00 prompt.

- Covid-19 update -

The Worshipful Master has requested that all Brethren attending the Lodge should wear face masks and/or face sheilds/visors
and to have a negative Lateral Flow Test before coming to the Lodge

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Date Business Worked by: Practice
11 January
Tyle 15:00
Installation Meeting to Install Bro Kenneth Lee SW, WME into the Chair of the Lodge
WBro John Anthony Griffin PSGD AProvGM will be in attendance.
The WM and Brethren of the Lodge 15/12/21 - 04/01/22 - 06/01/22
15 February
Tyle 18:30
Initiation ceremony - Mr Ian Moore WBro Michael Rosney PProvSGD 01/02/22 - 08/02/22
at 18:30
15 March
Tyle 18:30
Second-Degree ceremony - Bro Bogdan Manoliu WM 8 Mar
12 April
50th celebration - WBro Derek Smith AProvGM will be in attendance 5 April
Thursday 12 May
Tyle 18:30
Initiation ceremony - Mr Jan Buchholc WM 26 April & 3 May
Monday 13 June
Tyle 18:30
Initiation ceremony - Mr Gary Howell WM No Practice

~~ The Lodge is in Summer recess July through to September. ~~

6 September 50th celebration - WBro Dennis Heskett AProvGM will be in attendance 30 Aug
4 October
Tyle 18:30
Second-Degree ceremony - Bro Ian Moore WM 27 Sept
8 November
Tyle 18:30
Third-Degree ceremony - Bro Bogdan Manoliu WBro Graham Grishakow PProvGStdB 1 November
6 December Business meeting and to read the Bye Laws WM 29 Nov
3 Jan 2023 Installation WM

To reserve a meal at events marked please book with the Secretary

Please note that dates marked thus have been moved and are not our normal meeting dates

East Lancashire Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting

Provincial Grand Master for East Lancashire

17 March 2022, Provincial Grand Chapter at King George's Hall, Blackburn. (Cancelled)

Provincial Grand Lodge 2022
The Inauguration of RWBro Robert Frankl as Provincial Grand Master at the Provincial Grand Lodge March 2022


17 November 2022, Provincial Grand Lodge at King George's Hall, Blackburn.

Appointments and Promotions in November 2022:

WBro Alan Fielder ProvAGStB promoted to PProvJGD
WBro Ray Godwin ProvGStwd promoted to ProvSGD (Acting Rank)
WBro Dennis Heskett PProvDepGDC promoted to PProvGReg.
WBro Stuart Rayton PProvGSwdB promoted to PProvJGW.

Congratulations to all those who have received appointments and promotions



The Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch is the completion of a Mason's journey through Pure Ancient Freemasonry.
For more information visit the Royal Arch Chapter page on this website or contact the Royal Arch Rep. who will be pleased to provide you with further information and an application form.

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