Amity Crest

Amity Crest

The Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283

Rossendale Forest Crest
Rossendale Forest Crest


Office Officer for 2021
Meet the Team
Worshipful Master WBro Dennis Heskett PProvDepGDC R
Immediate Past Master WBro Ray Godwin ProvGStwd
Senior Warden Bro Kenneth Lee R
Junior Warden Bro Will Atkinson R
Chaplain WBro Ian Haworth PProvJGD A
Treasurer WBro Graham Grishakow PProvGStB R
Secretary WBro Russell Harwood PProvGSwdB, (Deputy Chairman - East Ribble District) R
Director of Ceremonies WBro Michael Rosney PProvSGD A
Almoner WBro Derek H Smith PProvDepGDC A
Charity Steward WBro Dennis Heskett PProvDepGDC A
Mentor WBro Alan Fielder ProvAGStdB A
Senior Deacon WBro Stuart Rayton PProvGSwdB R
Junior Deacon WBro Alan Fielder ProvAGStB R
ADC / Preceptor No Appointment A
Organist No Appointment A
Assistant Secretary No Appointment A
Inner Guard Bro Vincent Frain [† In Memoriam died 26 June 2021 , Rest in Peace Vinny †] R
Stewards Bro Duncan Burgess, Bro Peter Chapman, Bro Peter Farrow. A
Tyler WBro Greg Casson PProvGSwdB R
Please Note:
Officers including Stewards and all Master Masons are expected to attend practice meetings,
other members of the Lodge not in Office are also invited.

Officers unable to attend the rehearsal and/or the meeting must contact the Director of Ceremonies in ample time,
by text message, to enable alternative arrangements to be made.


Appointments without Collars

Auditor: WBro. David Bury PProvGSuptWks District Rep: Bro Kenneth Lee
Auditor: Bro. Will Atkinson Lodge Membership Officer:
Royal Arch Rep: WBro. Dennis Heskett PProvDepGDC Charity Chest Rep: WBro. Dennis Heskett PProvDepGDC
Webmaster: WBro Stuart Rayton PProvGSwdB

District Appointments

WBro Russell Harwood - Deputy Chairman - East Ribble District

WBro Dennis Heskett - Closures and Amalgamations - East Ribble District

WBro Alan Fielder - Assistant District Officer - East Ribble District

Members holding UGLE rank

WBro. Steve Barton PAGDC

Members who are also Directors of Clayton-le-Moors Freemasons' Hall

WBro Derek Smith (Chairman & MD) ~ Bro Will Atkinson (Sec) ~ WBro Michael Rosney ~ WBro Stuart Rayton ~ WBro Alan Fielder

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