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The Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283

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11 January 2022 - Installation Meeting

The Installation of Bro Kenneth Lee into the Chair of the Lodge.

Covid-19 restrictions were in place in respect that there would be no singing, no gloves to be worn, additional hand sanitiser available, minimal contact during the meeting, face masks/visors to be worn and a negative LFT result essential.

The IPM WBro Ray Godwin ProvGSwd opened the meeting in due form in the absence of the WM WBro Dennis Heskett PProvDepGDC who was taken ill about an hour before the start of the meeting (not Covid). Other apologies had also been received, so work had to be redistributed at very short notice. Congratulations and thank you to the Brethren who stood in at such short notice and to the DC for keeping calm and reorganising the work and ceremony wording accordingly.

A ballot was taken for Mr Ian Moore, a candidate for initiation, the ballot proved successful. Mr Moore will be initiated next month.

WBro John Anthony Griffin PSGD AProvGM was admitted accompanied with VWBro Derek Thornhill PSwdB PDepProvGM and other Grand Lodge Officers. Salutations were given and WBro Godwin offered the Gavel to the AProvGM who decline the invitation.

For the purpose of Installation, the WIM invited WBro Andy Shaw PProvSGD to occupy the SW's Chair, WBro D Smith PProvDepGDC to occupy the JW's chair, WBro Alan Fielder ProvAGStB to act as IG and WBro G Casson PProvGSwdB to remain as Tyler. The WIM then requested all Brethren below the rank of a FC to retire for a short time and the Lodge was opened in the 2nd Degree.

The main business of the meeting was to install Bro Kenneth Lee, SW, WME into the Chair of this old Lodge. WBro M Rosney ProvSGD, DC, presented Bro Lee, SW, WME to the WIM who explained the criteria of a Master and asked the necessary questions. Bro Lee affirmed his agreement to the Ancient Charges and Regulations before advanced to the pedestal to take his obligation. All Brethren below the rank of a MM retired for a short time and the Lodge was opened in the Third-Degree. Bro Lee was entrusted with the grip and password and then retired from the Lodge.

After all those below the rank of an Installed Master had retired from the Lodge, a Board of IM's was opened by ritual and the WME, Bro Lee was readmitted and was installed into the Chair of King Solomon by the WBro Godwin, who performed the Ceremony of Installation in an excellent manner. The WT of an IM were presented and explained in an excellent manner by WBro C Harris a past member of the Lodge, now the Secretary of Lodge St. Medans 1335 (SC). The Lodge was called off for a comfort break.

The Lodge was called on and WBro Rosney closed the B of IM by ritual. Work resumed in the various Degrees with:

  • Bro Will Atkinson presented the WT's of a MM.
  • Bro Will Atkinson presented the WT's of a FC.
  • Bro Jason Fitzgerald presented the WT's of an EA.
  • The Warrents, Book of Constitutions, By-Laws, Banners and Bible Fall were presented by WBro Ray Godwin

All performed their work in an excellent manner, to the usual high standard and with sincerity.

The WM was requested to appoint and invest his officers. Officers who were unable to attend the Installation will be invested at some future date.

The address to the WM as given by WBro Andy Shaw PProvSGD,(Stand-in), the address to the Wardens by WBro Dave McGurty JP PAGDC ProvJGW East Ribble District Chairman and the address to the Brethren by WBro John Anthony Griffin PSGD AProvGM.

Reports were received from the Almoner and CS

WBro John Anthony Griffin PSGD AProvGM presented WBro Lee WM with a commemorative certificate from the members of the Lodge. The WM then presented WBro Griffin with a £2,100 cheque from the Lodge for him to pass on to the Festival on our behalf and a cheque for £250 to the ELMC. WBro Griffin thanked the WM and Brethren for this most generous donation and congratulated the Lodge on the amount of donations they had made to Masonic and non-Masonic Charities.

The minutes recorded apologies from members, however, 29 visitors were present from Lodges in the Provinces of East Lancs, West Lancs and Galloway (Scotland). The North-West Chapter of the Widows Son's (Bikers) had come along to support Bro Lee who is also a member of the biking association. We are always very pleased to see WBro Chris Harris (a past member of the Lodge) visiting again from Scotland and participating in the Ritual of the Board of Installed Masters. WBro Harris had brought with him this year three Brethren from the Scottish Constitution one of whom was the ProvDC and ProvGM Elect for the Province of Galloway, WBro Andrew Mcllwraith.

The Lodge was closed, and an excellent and jovial Installation Festive Board followed.

† It is with much sadness I inform you that on Tuesday 11th January one of our Lodge widows Mrs Jean Corbridge wife of the late WBro Eric Corbridge passed away in The Oaklands Care Home Burnley. †

The Lodge is in Summer recess this month, so there will not be any Masonic meeting.
The Lodge is in Summer recess this month, so there will not be any Masonic meeting.
The Lodge is in Summer recess this month, so there will not be any Masonic meeting.

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