Kielder 500: AS ADVENTURE RIDING GOES THIS IS QUITE A BIG ONE, with a high percentage of off-road and trail riding, which is 100% suited to the "big" adventure bikes. You will be able to ride in areas of Kielder and Kershope forestry that are really off the beaten track and only authorised for motorcycle use for the AS Kielder 500. It is a remote area and just what your adventure bike was made for. The event is a two day roadbook navigation event for "Adventure Style" motorcycles over 140kg. The roadbook is has been especially created for the event and is the same format and style as the "Adventure Cannonball" rideouts. Riders will be expected to navigate the course using the roadbook. Each day comprises of a course which is in excess of 250km with a large percentage of the going being hard base gravel tracks and fire roads within the forests. A level of self sufficiency is required as this is a remote part of the UK. Riders will be expected to carry tools and spares along with water and food for the day. There will be places for fuel and food marked on the roadbook for fuel and refreshments.

Michael Rosney and John Hargreaves entry numbers were 50 and 51