The Installation of WBro. Gregory John Casson PProvDepGReg

Front row:
WBro. Donald Bright PProvGSuptWks, SW - WBro. David Lightbown PAGDC District Chairman - WBro. A John Pearson PSGD APGM
WBro. Gregory John Casson PProvDepGReg, WM -WBro. John R Farrington PSGD APGM
WBro. Derek H Smith PProvDepGDC IPM - Bro. Ray Godwin JW.
together with other members of the Lodge.

The Festive Board

Fanned Fresh Melon with Raspberry Coulis ("Regularly approved")
Chicken wrapped with bacon served with roast potatoes and veg("Relying on such sure support")
Amity Pudding ("Hidden mysteries of nature and science")
Cheese and Biscuit Table
Coffee and Mints ("Nothing now remains")



Congratulations Greg, and a great night was enjoyed by all.