September Meeting 2017
A presentation of a Masonic Catechism c1724 - Celebrating 300 years of Freemasonry 1717-2017

At our meeting on Tuesday 5th September, following the regular business, 19 Lodge members and 19 visitors were treated to a fantastic presentation of a meeting between Simon, a Town Mason and Philip, a Travelling Mason in a Tavern somewhere in 1724 England.

To set the scene, the Lodge Room, lit only by candles became a dimly lit upstairs room of a Tavern, the light of a roaring fire flooding the room and intensifying the shadows. The smell of the wood-burning open fire fills the room already heavily scented by candles, of pipe tobacco, of ales and heavy wines, of roasted meats; the sound of horses and cart traffic permeates from outside the building and the noise, bustle and singing from the tavern below all add to the atmosphere.

Four narrators and two main characters performed the work produced by WBro Martin Roche, PSGD, PAProvGM, Provincial Grand Secretary. The narrators punctuated the dialog between the two Masons at various points to emphasise the passion of the two main players, Bro's Ray Godwin as 'Simon' and Will Atkinson as 'Philip' who had committed to memory their parts and were word perfect and completely in character throughout. Those attending really were transported back to 1724.

Welcome to our presentation
Cheers Brother Mason
Back row: Bro. Steve Thompson - WBro. Greg Casson PProvDepGReg (WM) - Bro. Paul Spann - Bro. Ken Lee
at the table Bro. Ray Godwin and Bro. Will Atkinson
Bro. Ray Godwin (Simon) - Bro. Will Atkinson (Philip)