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Amity Crest

The Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283

Rossendale Forest Crest
Rossendale Forest Crest


Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283....

Two Lodges, the Lodge of Amity No.283 and Rossendale Forest Lodge No.4138 combined in 2012 to form one great Lodge for the future.... dedicated to carrying on the good works of Freemasonry and became the Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283 in January 2012.[ Past Masters of the New Lodge ]. The obvious choice was to combine the Lodge names but to keep the number 283 as this is a very old number, first issued in 1755 to the Lodge of Friendship, Norfolk.

~~ 2020 ~~
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The year 2020, a very special year for WBro Dennis Heskett PProvDepGDC our new Worshipful Master and WBro Derek Henry Smith PProvDepGDC, Almoner as they both will celebrate later this year their 50th anniversary of being Initiated into Freemasonry.


07 January 2020: INSTALLATION

The Lodge was opened in due form by the WM, Bro R Godwin at 3:00pm after which the WM asked the Brethren to stand to order in respect of departed merit for WBro Eric Corbridge, PProvDepGReg, he lived respected and died regretted on the 28th Dec 2019, aged 82. †

Upon a report, WBro J Curry ProvDepGDC was admitted, who then announced that VWBro John Richard Farrington PGSwdB, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master for the Province of East Lancashire was without and he demanded admission. The WM confirmed that we would receive him with pleasure and VWBro Farrington was admitted, accompanied by several Grand Lodge Officers and the District Chairman WBro D McGurty JP PProvJGW. The WM welcomed VWBro Farrington, who is also an honorary member of the Lodge and offered the gavel saying, "I've been told that I should dare you to take the Gavel". VWBro Farrington thanked the WM but declined his offer saying that he "wouldn't want to be responsible for Installing Dennis into that Chair"

Salutations were given to VWBro Farrington who responded with Fraternal salutations, greeting us all well.

For the purpose of Installation, the WM invited WBro A Shaw PProvSGD to occupy the SW's Chair, WBro P Spann occupy the JW's chair, WBro D Smith PProvDepGDC to act as IG and WBro G Casson PProvDepGDC to remain as Tyler. The WM then requested all Brethren below the rank of a FC to retire for a short time and the Lodge was opened in the 2nd Degree.

The main business of the meeting was to install WBro Dennis Heskett PProvDepGDC, WME into the Chair of this old Lodge. WBro M Rosney ProvSGD, DC, presented WBro Dennis Heskett PProvDepGDC, SW, WME to the WM who explained the criteria of a Master and asked the necessary questions. Being a Past Master of the Lodge, WBro Heskett reaffirmed his agreement to the Ancient Charges and Regulations before advanced to the pedestal where he then reaffirmed his obligation.

After all those below the rank of an Installed Master had retired from the Lodge, a Board of IM's was opened by ritual and the WME, WBro Heskett was installed into the Chair of King Solomon by the WM, who performed the Ceremony of Installation in an excellent manner. The WT of an IM were presented and explained in an excellent manner by WBro C Harris a past member of the Lodge, now the Secretary of Lodge St. Medans 1335 (SC). WBro Harris was self-critical of his rendition saying, "Well that's how it's done in Scotland", prompting a smile from VWBro Farrington. The WM then invested WBro Godwin as IPM and the Lodge was called off for a comfort break.

The Lodge was called on and WBro Rosney closed the B of IM by ritual. Work resumed in the various Degrees with:

  • Bro P Moore presenting and explaining the WT's of a MM.
  • Bro K Lee, JW, presenting and explaining the WT's of a FC.
  • WBro Casson, Tyler, presenting and explaining the WT's of an EA.

All performed their work in an excellent manner, to the usual high standard and with sincerity.

The WM was requested to appoint and invest his officers with his first duty being the presentation of a breast jewel to WBro Godwin in recognition of his work throughout his year in office. After a short struggle by the WM trying to unfold the presentation case and slot it into the IPM's breast pocket, WBro Godwin said, "It's probably still stitched up", causing laughter around the room.

Officers who were unable to attend the Installation and will be invested at some future date.
The address to the WM as given by WBro S Barton PAGDC, the address to the Wardens by WBro Casson and the address to the Brethren by VWBro Farrington.

The Lodge Officers appointed and invested are recorded on the Officers Page of this website.

Following notice of motion, the CS proposed a donation of £300 from our investment account to Mil House. This was seconded by Bro Lee SW and approved by the Brethren. The WM requested that the Sec write to WBro Barton, requesting that the funds be transferred from the investment account to the current account.

Worshipful Master
WBro Dennis Heskett PProvDepGDC


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Reports were received from the Almoner and CS

VWBro John Farrington PGSwdB DepProvGM presented WBro Heskett WM with a commemorative certificate from the members of the Lodge. The WM/CS then presented VWBro Farrington with a £1,400.00 cheque from the Lodge for him to pass on to ELMC on our behalf. VWBro Farrington thanked the WM and Brethren for this most generous donation and congratulated the Lodge on the amount of donations they had made to Masonic and non-Masonic Charities.

The minutes recorded apologies from members, however, 19 members and 31 visitors were present from Lodges in the Provinces of East Lancs, West Lancs and Galloway (Scotland). We are always very pleased to see WBro Chris Harris (a past member of the Lodge) visiting again from Scotland and participating in the Ritual, even though it may have seemed like the Scottish version.

The Lodge was closed, and an excellent and jovial Installation Festive Board followed.

04 February 2020: INITIATION

The Lodge was opened in due form by the WM WBro Dennis Heskett, PProvDepGDC. Bro Peter Moore was acting IG.

The main item of business was to Initiate Mr. Peter Jonathon Farrow into Freemasonry and this Lodge. The WM invited WBro Raymond Godwin, IPM to occupy the Chair to work the Initiation ceremony. The Candidate was escorted on his progress around the Lodge by WBro Alan Fielder JD assisted by Bro Steve Thompson SD, in an excellent manner. WBro Ray Godwin worked the ceremony in a most excellent manner, ably assisted by the Officers of the Lodge. Bro Vincent Frain gave the Address to the NE Corner and WBro Steve Barton PAGDC presented and explained the Working Tools in an excellent manner. Bro Peter Moore gave the Charge after Initiation in an exemplary manner and with great feeling. Indeed, all worked the ceremony to the highest standard and the best traditions of the Lodge. Mr. Farrow was well and truly initiated into Freemasonry and welcomed into the Lodge by all the Brethren.
The WM presented Bro Farrow with the Lodge Initiate Certificate to mark the event.

WBro Derek Smith PProvDepGDC will give notice of motion that at the next meeting he will propose Mr Leo Doran as a Candidate for Initiation into the Lodge.

WBro A Fielder will give notice of motion that at the next meeting he will propose Mr Bogdan Manoliu as a Candidate for Initiation into the Lodge.

Reports were received from the following: The Almoner, the Charity Steward and the Lodge Membership Officer.

The minutes recorded apologies from members, however, 17 members and 3 visitors were present. Greetings were given by the visitors, one member from each Lodge. Bro C Lawes, a regular visitor from France announced that he would give greetings, half in French and half in English, prompting the WM to proclaim "well, at least I'll understand half of it then!"

The Lodge was closed, and the Brethren retired to the Festive Board. Bro Will Atkinson proposed the Toast to Bro Farrow and in his reply, Bro Farrow said that he was delighted to now be a member of the Lodge and thanked everyone for their words of welcome and encouragement. WBro Andy Shaw PProvSGD, Mentor presented Bro Farrow with the EA booklet.




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03 March 2020: Raising

The Lodge was opened in due form by the WM, Bro D Heskett PProvDepGDC at 6:37pm. Two visitors from Yorkshire, West Riding were admitted on a report.

† The WM asked the Brethren to stand to order in respect of departed merit for WBro James (Jim) Aspden PProvDepGDC, he lived respected and died regretted on the 4th Feb 2020, aged 79. On this occasion the WM also asked that the Brethren remember Mrs Sheila Rayton, wife of WBro S Rayton PProvGSwdB who passed away on the 16th Feb 2020. †

In the absence of various Officers, WBro Donald Bright PProvGSwdB was acting IPM, WBro Derek Smith was acting SW and WBro Steve Barton PAGDC was acting Chaplain.

The main business of the evening was to Raise Bro Callum Cawley to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. The Ceremony to be worked by the WM assisted by Officers of the Lodge. Retrospect by WBro A Fielder JD, Working Tools by WBro S Barton PAGDC, Charge by WBro G Grishakow PProvGStB Treas, Traditional History by WBro Grishakow, Tracing Board by WBro Barton.

The Lodge was opened in the Second-Degree and Bro Cawley answered test questions in an excellent manner. The WM entrusted Bro Cawley who then retired for preparation. The Lodge was opened in the 3rd Degree and prepared and Bro Cawley was admitted. The WM conducted the ceremony in an excellent manner. Bro S Thompson SD escorted Bro Cawley admirably. WBro Fielder delivered the Retrospect, WBro Grishakow the charge and WBro Barton the working tools, all to a very high standard. Bro Cawley then retired to restore himself to his former comforts and on his return, WBro Grishakow delivered the Traditional History and WBro Barton presented the Tracing Board, both in an excellent manner. The WM congratulated Bro Cawley on being raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason and presented him with a Lodge certificate commemorating his Raising along with his personal copy of the ritual book. The WM then invited Bro Cawley to take his rightful place in the Lodge. The WM expressed his thanks to all those who had taken part in the ceremony before the Lodge was closed by virtue to the 2nd and 1st Degrees.

3rd Degree

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WBro Grishakow, Treas presented the Lodge accounts for 2019. WBro D Bury, PProvGSuptWks, as one of the examination committee, proposed and Bro W Atkinson, JW seconded that the accounts be accepted. The Brethren voted in favour and the accounts were approved.

WBro Heskett, Charity Steward presented the Charity accounts for 2019 for approval. Bro Atkinson, JW as one of the examination committee, proposed and WBro Smith seconded that the accounts be accepted. The Brethren voted in favour and the accounts were approved.

Following notice of motion WBro Smith proposed Mr Leo Doran, aged 24, for membership of the Lodge, seconded by WBro Heskett, WM. Following notice of motion WBro Fielder proposed Mr Bogdan Manoliu, aged 49, for membership of the Lodge, seconded by WBro Smith on behalf of Bro K Lee, SW who was on holiday.

WBro Peter Evans PProvJGD and WBro Kenneth Rothwell PProvJGD, both past masters of the Lodge were successfully balloted for as honorary members.

Reports were received from the Almoner and CS which are recorded in the Minutes of the meeting.

In any other business, WBro Smith asked certain Brethren to stay in the Lodge room after closing for the usual photos. WBro Rosney ProvSGD, DC informed the Brethren that WBro Harwood, Sec had become a Grandad for the first time on the preceding Sunday, which resulted in spontaneous cheers from around the room. WBro Harwood thanked WBro Rosney and the Brethren for their good wishes and expressed his own delight on the arrival of his Grandson.

The minutes recorded apologies from members, however, 16 members and 2 visitors from Kirklees Lodge 4710 (Yorkshire, West Riding) were present.

There being no further business the Lodge was closed, and the Brethren retired to the Festive Board.


26 March 2020: 283 Coffee Morning Club not a regular meeting

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak our Masonic meetings have been suspended until September.
So to keep in touch a virtual Coffee shop has been set up to meeting on a Thursday at 11:00am.

We have just had the first successful 283 morning coffee meeting with nine members attending. Some in fancy dress, Alan dressed up for the occasion, one in a cave and one on a beach! CRAZY.

The meeting only lasted 30 minutes and we had a good laugh. We discussed our concerns over COVID-19 and the impact on our businesses and everyday lives. Alan received advice on his constipated dog. Shirley Fielder and Clare Moore joined us very briefly. It was great to catch up and all agreed to try again same time next week. We're also looking at the possibility of another to coincide with what would have been our Lodge meeting at 7pm on Tuesday the 7th April. Yet to be confirmed.    Coffee Mornings at 11:00am every Thursday.

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07 April 2020:

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak our Masonic meetings have been suspended until September.

However, the Lodge did hold a meeting via a Video Conferencing platform, limited to 40 minutes. It wasn't a Lodge meeting as such more of an informal Committee meeting to discuss Masonic matters. The agenda as follows:

  • Welcome and opening comments by the WM
  • East Ribble District update (Sec and Deputy District Chairman)
  • Mill House update (Mill House Sec)
  • Five-minute nugget entitled "Crackpots" (WM)
    • Discussion based on the Five-minute nugget (All)
  • Round the table comments, limited to 1 minute or less. (All)
  • General discussion/AOB (All)
  • Close the meeting (WM)

A proposal was put to the meeting that the Lodge should donate 50 bottles of hand moisturiser to ELHT for them to distribute to NHS Staff who are suffering with dry skin due to excessive hand washing and sanitising. This was carried unanimously by those attending the meeting, however, since the meeting was not an official Lodge meeting, in order to comply with our byelaws a vote will be put to all the members (Email/postal vote).

Another video conferencing meeting will be organised to coincide with the date of what should have been our next meeting. Advanced details of the agenda will be sent out by email.

UPDATE: The CS has confirmed that the items have been ordered and paid for, however, due to the Easter Holiday it's expected that the items will be received week commencing 13th April.

Keeping in touch:

Lodge members are keeping in touch with each other daily by posting messages using a group technology app on their smart phones. However, to ensure that all members are included (keeping in touch) the Almoner and the WM are doing a weekly phone round to confirm that all members and our Widows are keeping well and safe during these unprecedented times.

Hand creams NHS



Group photo

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ELHT&me appreciation


NHS Certificate

05 May 2020:

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak our Masonic meetings have been suspended until September.

However, on the 5th May 2020, the Lodge held an online Zoom meeting to coincide with what would have been the regular Lodge Night meeting. Some members had issues joining for various reasons and problems during the meeting with frozen video, connections, and audio problems, but on the whole the meeting went really well.

We had a total of 12 Lodge members attend during the meeting (only 11 in the meeting image) and 5 visitors (David Lightbown - Verity Lodge 3949 by audio only, Aubrey Oldham - Norther Area APGP - Royds' Lodge 816, Harold Cooper - Verity Lodge 3949, David Heany - Abbey Lodge 2529 and Malcolm Roe - WM of both Perseverance 345 and Rhyddings Lodge 5205).

The meeting was conducted as a business meeting, not an attempt to replicate a Masonic meeting and covered the following main areas:

  • A five-minute nugget from Solomon
  • Reports from:
    • Almoner
    • Charity Steward
    • District Rep
    • LMO
  • Updates from UGLE, Province, District
  • Update on Lodge activities including the recent donation of 50 hand creams to ELHT
  • Greetings from the Visiting Brethren
  • Tyler's toast after closing the meeting (image attached)
Hand creams NHS
Meeting in progress



Group photo
Tyler's Toast
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Several members and visitors remained after the Tyler's toast for a general chat, discussing what they are up to in these strange times.

The Secretary will make the video of this meeting available for a short time online in a secure folder, details will be sent out by email to Lodge members. This will give all members who were unable to attend an opportunity to see what went on.

The Coffee Evening next week is cancelled as it is the District Quiz on Zoom.

However, since we are now in Summer Recess and the Holidays look like they have been cancelled, three additional meetings will be held on Tuesday 2nd June - 30th June and 28th July.

Freemasonry in the Community:

A member of the Lodge of Amity & Rossendale Forest No.283 and Assistant District Officer, Alan Fielder has immersed himself into his local community by volunteering by delivering for his local Food bank and assisting the local Age UK branch.

He recently set off on a 4-wheel drive mercy mission to a very distressed gentleman living on the tops overlooking Todmorden.

Since the local taxis have stopped, a local gentleman had been struggling to carry shopping up a very steep hill leading to his home. He phoned Age UK in tears to say he couldn't manage it again, so they dispatched a willing volunteer in Alan to deliver some food, topped up his electricity and will look at how to ensure he's safe over the coming months.

Age UK pleased to report that the gentleman sounded like a different person the following morning and he could now focus on looking after himself and his self-isolating wife.

Well done Alan, keep up the good work!

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Congratulations: Provincial Honours announced

Congratulations to all those who will receive Provincial Honours this year, especially Brethren of 283.

  • First Appointment:
    • WBro Ray Godwin to Provincial Grand Steward (Acting Rank - ProvGStwd)
    • WBro Alan Fielder to Provincial Assistant Grand Standard Bearer (Acting Rank - ProvAGStdB)
  • Promotion:
    • WBro Greg Casson to Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer. (PProvGSwdB)

Brethren receiving these Honours will be invested at the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting in November 2020 (Covid-19 permitting).

Coffee Evenings

The Coffee Evening virtual get-togethers will now be every Thursday at 6:30pm unless we have a clash with something like the District quiz night. There will not be a Coffee Evening the same week as the more formal Masonic type meetings on Tuesday's.

However, the Secretary will keep everyone informed of the details.

It was good to see Chris Harris (a past member now residing in Scotland) and our two 'candidates in waiting', Leo and Bogdan who joined us for a Great catch up.

02 June 2020: Virtual Lodge Meeting

Tuesday's meeting was attended by 10 members and 4 visitors, including the District Chairman Dave McGurty and Secretary Brian Derbyshire. The other two were Tom Pearson from Albert Edward and Harold Cooper from Verity. With the chosen backgrounds, it looked like Brian Derbyshire was coming to us from UGLE and Will from one of the Mill House Lodge rooms.

Alan Fielder read a five-minute nugget which went down very well and was entirely appropriate given Ray Godwin's recent news for November. The nugget was "The Red Apron".

The screen shot of the meeting is just after Vinny came out with a great one liner. Greg and Tom must not have heard it! Dennis explained to Harold that we do not wear gloves for these meetings; Vinny responded with "I'm not wearing trousers". It was a funny one liner and quick off the mark.

Footnote to the nugget
By WBro Stuart Rayton PProvGSwdB

Country Stewards Lodge No. 540 (The Green Apron Lodge)

There once was a Country Stewards Lodge which preceded the Grand Stewards Lodge, who were dressed in Green and White Regalia. This lodge was constituted in 1789 with the number 540. It met at the Guildhall Coffee House and afterwards at the Freemasons Tavern. This Lodge consisted of Freemasons who had served as Stewards at the 'Country Feast', which was held outside London every two or three years after 1732.

Grand Lodge assigned to the Lodge a special Jewel with a Green Collar in 1789 and in 1795 they were permitted to line their Aprons with Green silk. One assumes the colour Green was chosen to reflect the feel of the countryside, consequently they became known as 'the Green Apron Lodge'; however, in 1797 the permission to wear Green Aprons was withdrawn, although that of wearing the green collar was retained.

The Lodge only lasted 13 years and in 1802 it lapsed, presumably due to the overlap with the new Grand Stewards Lodge. Their number then 449 was allocated to the Lodge of Faith and Friendship in Berkeley, Gloucestershire which has subsequently been renumbered 270, which was honoured with the prefix 'Royal'. An example of the original Apron and Jewel are on display at Freemasons' Hall Museum in London.


Country Stewards Apron
Country Stewards Jewel


June 2020:

11 June 2020: The 283 Coffee Shop was opened this evening by Bro Will Atkinson. The Lodge Brethren and friends had a good laugh and catch-up.

18 June 2020: The 283 Coffee Shop was closed this evening due to a clash with the District Quiz evening.

25 June 2020: Due to the fantastic weather and the number of understandable apologies received, tonight's 283 Coffee Shop has been cancelled.

30 June 2020:

30 June2020:

Another great virtual Lodge meeting tonight with 9 members and 2 visitors attending. The meeting was opened by the Worshipful Master WBro Dennis Heskett. The items of business on the agenda received attention and WBro Mick Rosney gave a five-minute nugget entitled "Why I Joined the Royal Arch". This was received very well and provoked at least a good fifteen-minute of discussion on the topic.

WBro Dave McGurty gave greetings from District and WBro Tom Pearson gave greetings from Albert Edward Lodge No.1519. The meeting was closed in Harmony and friendship.

Looking at the screenshot of the meeting WBro Ray Godwin appears to be at ULGE, WBro Greg Casson may have dozed off, and WBro Alan Fielder looks like he has just stepped out of his Cessna; but joking apart, it was good to see our newest Master Mason Bro Callum Cawley getting involved.

The next virtual Lodge meeting will be held 28 July 2020 at 7:00pm, hope to see you there.

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July 2020:

Tonight's @amityrf283 Coffee Shop (09-07-20) was attended by 4 members of the Lodge, WBro Andy Shaw, WBro Ray Godwin (opened the 283 Coffee Shop tonight), Bro Ken Lee, and Bro Vinny Frain plus our 2 candidate Leo and Bogdan. Apologies were received from WBros. Stuart Rayton, Russell Harwood, Greg Casson and Derek Smith.

All were delighted to see that Bogdan is now safely back in the UK and halfway through self-isolation period before returning to work next week. A discussion followed on the forthcoming end to the suspension of Masonic meetings, which had been in force since March and is due to expire on July 17th.

UGLE has issued guidance for Brethren and Lodges aimed at ensuring that the risk of infection transmission is minimised as Masonic activity increases. It was noted that the guidance referred to restrictions on the wearing of disposable PPE gloves at Masonic Halls, but not the cotton ones used in Lodge. It was mentioned that clarifying guidance on their use in Royal Arch Chapters had been circulated.

Click on screenshot to enlarge

A further topic of conversation was UGLE's recent implementation of social distancing measures into certain ceremonies. The changes could not be discussed in detail due to the presence of our two candidates for initiation, however the Brethren were able to express their opinions in general terms. There was consensus around the principle that candidates deserved to be afforded the experience of a full un-amended traditional ceremony wherever possible, and if that meant delaying things for a short while, then so be it. However, it was acknowledged that if the crisis were to continue into next year, then it would be unfair on candidates to keep them waiting. Nevertheless, Lodge approval for the working of an abridged ceremony would be required.

The Brethren were reminded that the Mill House accounts have been circulated to all members and that unless any emails to the contrary are received by July 24th, they will be deemed to have been accepted. The Brethren expressed that they were looking forward to receiving further details about the Mill House "Future" Fund, mentioned in the email from the Hall Secretary.

Details of the forthcoming Zoom video presentation entitled "An Introduction to the Lodge Room and Explanation of the Officers of the Lodge" by WBro Steve Crowther, District Comms Officer on July 26th were circulated as a reminder. The group enjoyed an entertaining discussion around current affairs and the convivial meeting was concluded with a reminder to the Brethren that the summons for the next virtual Lodge meeting on July 28th had already been circulated.

16 July 2020:

The 283 Coffee Shop meeting 16 July 2020 was attended by six members, WBro Alan Fielder (JD), WBro Russell Harwood PProvGSwdB (Sec), Bro Vinny Frain (Stwd), WBro Derek Smith PProvDepGDC (Almoner), WBro Greg Casson PProvDepGReg (Tyler), WBro Andy Shaw PProvSGD (Mentor) and one of our candidates, Bogdan.

After a general catch-up on what everyone had been doing recently, the subject of the resumption of Masonic activity (for us from the 1st Sep) and what impact the pandemic has had on Mill House was discussed. Possible ways of moving forward successfully from our present position were discussed, not only for the Lodge but also Mill House. The Zoom meeting planned for Monday, a presentation for new and prospective members was briefly discussed and the next District quiz on the 30th July via Zoom was promoted again.

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23 July 2020:

The 283 Coffee Shop meeting 23 July 2020 was attended by 2 members, WBro Ray Godwin (IPM) with the backdrop of Bro Gabriel Bullock, member of the Lodge who was killed in WW1, and Bro Vinny Frain (Stwd), and Bogdan, one of our candidates. Other members seemed to be having technical difficulties.

However, it was an enjoyable catch up, with our candidate Bogdan expressing how interesting he found the White Table event earlier in the week. Before the lockdown, he had been given a tour of a Lodge room but not been able to take it all in. He said that the explanation of the layout and officer positions was highly informative.

We also discussed the recent uncovering of more of the story of our fallen Brother Gabriel Bullock who was killed in action in France in 1918. It was felt to be particularly poignant that his untimely demise happened just a few months before the conflict ended.

Click on screenshot to enlarge

The discovery of a contemporary newspaper report which includes his portrait, gives us hope that his photograph referred to in the Lodge minutes that was to be procured and hung in his honour at Haslingden Masonic Hall may now be recognised among the various paraphernalia in the store room at Mill House.

The website has now been updated with recent discoveries about Bro Gabriel Bullock, 1888 - 1918 please have a look

01 September 2020:

29 September 2020: Celebration of 50 years of Freemasonry for WBro Derek Henry Smith PProvDepGDC.

50 years

27 October 2020:

24 November 2020:

22 December 2020: Celebration of 50 years of Freemasonry for WBro Dennis Heskett PProvDepGDC.

50 years


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