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The Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283

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The Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest is an amalgamation of two Lodges. The Lodge of Amity No.283 (founded in 1791) and Rossendale Forest Lodge No.4138 (founder in 1920). Amity, the Mother Lodge and Rossendale Forest, the Daughter Lodge. The Lodge of Amity is a Great-Great-Great Grandmother, having had two Daughter Lodges, seven Granddaughter Lodges, four Great Granddaughter Lodges, two Great-Great Granddaughter Lodges and three Great-Great-Great Granddaughter Lodges.

Lodge History and blog

Two Lodges combine to form one great Lodge for the future.... the Lodge of Amity and Rossendale Forest No.283, (amalgamation 2011) is dedicated to carrying on the good works of Freemasonry..... Two into One does go!

Our history section is in three parts, Parts 1 and 2 are the Mother and Daughter Lodges respectively; Part 3 is the Amalgamated Lodge. Please select below the section you wish to view: click on the crest.

The Lodge of Amity No.283
1791 - 2011 -- Part 1


Rossendale Forest Lodge No.4138
1920 - 2011 -- Part 2


Amity & Rossendale Forest Lodge No.283
2012 - onwards -- Part 3


283 Family Tree

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Lodge of Amity No.283
  • Rank: Gunner
  • Initials: G
  • Surname: Bullock
  • Age: 30
  • Service Arm: Royal Garrison Artillery
  • Occupation: Hair Dresser
  • Address: Swan Hotel, Haslingden
  • Age when Initiated: 25
  • Date of Initiation: 6 August 1913

Recorded in the Minutes 17 October 1918:
"The WM moved and the Rev. Bro. Capt. T. Miller Johnson, Chaplain, seconded, that we place a record on the Minutes of our appreciation of Bro. Gabriel Bullock, who gave his life in action in the Great War, at Rowel, in France, on September 15th 1918, and who was buried at Vincent Military Cemetery, near Peronne, France. Also that a Photo of the deceased be procured, framed and hung on the wall of the Lodge."

Gabriel Bullock
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Location: New Jerusalem (Swedenborg) Church, Haslingden

You can read more about Bro Gabriel Bullock: Haslingden War Heroes and Imperial War Museum - Memorials

Important information

There are some discrepancies in the recording of Bro Gabriel Bullock's death:

  • Lodge records list him as being 30 years old and buried at Vincent Military Cemetery near Peronne, France.
  • The Local Press list him as 29 years old and buried at Tincourt New British Cemetery, whilst in the same article his Officer indicates that he is buried at Trucourt Military Cemetery.
  • However, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission have Gabriel Bullock listed as aged 30 and buried at Tincourt New British Cemetery, Plot V (5), Row E, Number 21.

The confusion over his resting place could be that during the chaos of War those fallen soldiers very often remained on the Battlefield and were buried where they fell, or sometimes buried in a burial plot nearby. They would have been transferred and re-interred later in an Official Military Cemetery. However, what ever the confusion, the Commonwealth War Grave Commission do have his final resting place listed. RIP

Further reading at Gabriel Bullock - Roll of Honour


Extract from the UGLE Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-1918


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